Scotty McCreery joins PSA Campaign
Scotty McCreery, winner of the tenth season of American Idol, joins our “Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher” campaign pictured with his teacher and baseball coach, Derik Goffena. As a teacher, one of the most important lessons that Mr. Goffena has taught Scotty is that “nothing worth having comes easily”.  Stay tuned to see more celebrities and their favorite teachers in our spring 2012 campaign!
Fall 2011 Posters Available
Our fall series of 400,000 posters was distributed by Scholastic to schools across the country. The “Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher” campaign is made possible by the continued support of Scholastic and the NEA. This series includes WNBA Basketball star Maya Moore, talk show host Tavis Smiley, American Idol Josh Gracin and Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia, each pictured along with their favorite teacher. Click here to get yours free. Join the hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country who receive these inspirational posters.
TeachersCount Blog Strives to Raise the Status of the Teaching Profession
The new blogging series for the 2011 – 2012 academic year began in September. Discussions are changing month to month, with each month focusing on a different topic. February’s topic is Technology; How is virtual schooling affecting education? Where are we going with technology and students? Discuss Pro’s and Con’s of technology in terms of education.
If you’re not reading the TeachersCount Blog you’re missing out!  The bloggers are Keith Newman a teacher in the inner city of Philadelphia; Cathy Wilson, a junior high school art teacher in Utah; Esther Wojcicki, a high school journalism teacher in Palo Alto, California; Darla Moore, a middle school teacher in Ohio; Christine Barry, a 5th-8th grade science teacher in Chicago; Kimberly Burton-Regulski the mathematics department chairman at Eastern Technical High School in Maryland. TeachersCount invites you to follow and participate in this insightful blog series.
Be Counted Poll
Our Be Counted poll asks a new question every six weeks about an important issue in education. The current poll asks a controversial question about National Sexuality Education Standards being introduced throughout school systems nationally. Voice your opinion by taking our poll Be Counted! We’ll take the poll results, along with your comments, and use them in press releases to the national news media.
TeachersTopic February 2012
TeachersTopic is a periodical feature about a subject of interest in the teaching community discussed by a prominent expert in the field. Our current TeachersTopic asks Dr. Susan Neimand, Director of the School of Education at Miami Dade College, to discuss technology and its effect on education. Our TeachersTopic corresponds with the February TeachersBlog topic: Technology. Click here to read Dr. Neimand’s responses TeachersTopic.
Want Education News in Your Inbox?
Join our growing mailing list and receive bi-weekly summaries of the top education stories in the country to your email. This is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to stay up to date on what’s going on in the education world. Start conversations with your colleagues and be in the know. To sign up for the TeachersCount Education News, send an email with the subject “Ed News” to


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