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Christine Barry works for the Archdiocese of Chicago schools. She is in her fifth year of teaching inner-city students at Children of Peace School on Chicago’s West Side. She teaches 5th-8th grade science and is the 6th grade homeroom teacher. She holds a BA in English Education and a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an Instructional Technology emphasis. She is the moderator of the Student Council and a member of the Illinois Science Teachers’ Association and the National Science Teachers’ Association.

Kimberly Burton-Regulski is the mathematics department chairman at Eastern Technical High School, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.  Teaching at a magnet school has given her the unique experience of observing highly motivated students learning in a variety of career major programs.  In 2010, she was awarded the 2009 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, giving her the opportunity to meet President Obama and to collaborate with teachers from across the nation.  She has a Master’s of Science in Advanced Information Technology from Stevenson University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from Towson University.  She is currently teaching Algebra I, Geometry, and Advanced Placement Computer Science.

Darla Moore teaches at the West Liberty Middle School in Salem, Ohio. She has a Masters of Education from Urbana University and serves as a lead content expert on the Ohio Department of Education.  In her work with the ODE she has provided teacher teams with professional development for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). She has traveled throughout Ohio, presented information about CCSS, facilitated work/ discussion sessions, and reported best practices and instructional strategies to develop the current Ohio state Model curriculum as posted on the ODE website. Moore has won an award for Outstanding Delivery of Case Management Services and serves on the National Board of Certified Teacher in Language Arts. She is scheduled to present a Quality Matters regional conference, NCTE / CEL and AASL this fall.

Keith Newman has been a teacher in inner city Philadelphia for 13 years, the last ten at Andrew J. Morrison School in Olney. His lesson plans were used by National Public Television for their Liberty’s Kids after schools series, and high schools all across Philadelphia have modeled their nutrition programs based a Service Learning Program he created. This year his Service Learning Project, “Searching For the Solution,” a program designed by students enabling them to avoid becoming criminal statistics received national attention, and is profiled at The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools. His colleagues have nominated him to be a candidate for the 2008 Dr. Ruth Wright Hayre Teacher of the Year Award.

Cathy Wilson has a MA in American Literature with a Creative Writing emphasis. Her teaching degree includes English and Spanish. She teaches junior high school art in Utah and has served as the District Arts Coordinator to which she has received a visual arts endorsement and for about 8 years. Cathy also teaches writing and art in a Utah juvenile corrections facility. She facilitates weekly drum circles in this facility and in her community. She has published several books, the latest of which is The Power of StillPoint, available on She is the mother of nine children, almost all grown. She and her husband Russell live on three acres in desert Utah.

Tracie Fehrm is a “Wisconsinite” with a sense of humor who graduated from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse with an education degree and a master’s degree in education and professional development from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. Having over 25 years of experience, she has taught a variety of grades from 1st to 8th grade, which includes serving as a resource teacher specializing in gifted and talented. She went on to pursue an administrative leadership degree to become a principal, a district mentoring coordinator for new and experienced teachers and a curriculum and instruction director. Her passion outside her family and friends, and putting children first is collaborating as a team player on educational projects. Her newest learning adventure is the creation of her blog, called “”.

Chelsea Peoples was born and raised in Miami, FL but moved to Palm Bay to teach after graduating from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and an ESOL Endorsement. She has been teaching Kindergarten for five years. Having recently lived and worked abroad in Saskatchewan, Canada, she looks forward to providing a culturally rich learning environment for her students. Although she thoroughly enjoys teaching all subjects, Reading is her passion. Chelsea takes pride in the fact that she teaches children how to read. She hopes to instill a passion for reading in all of her students and have her students enjoy coming to school each day.

Daniel R. Venables is an Education Consultant and Executive Director of the Center for Authentic PLCs, an organization committed to assisting schools in building, leading, and sustaining authentic PLCs and in doing well the few important tasks in which authentic PLCs engage. He is author of The Practice of Authentic PLCs: A Guide to Effective Teacher Teams(Corwin Press, 2011). Mr. Venables’ experiences in education as an award-winning classroom teacher, a speaker and consultant, and as professional development coordinator with our nation’s 18th largest district, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, span thirty years. He has spent 24 years as a classroom teacher in both public and independent schools in South Carolina, North Carolina and Connecticut, serving as a department chair for eighteen of those years. In 1994, he was trained as a Math/Science Fellow with the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), where he began his experience with CFGs and PLCs. Since that time, he has helped dozens of both rural and urban schools develop high-functioning teacher teams. He can be reached at

Esther Wojcicki, a 2007 Walt Clarkson Memorial Award for Excellence in Advising winner, teaches journalism at Palo Alto High School, in Palo Alto, California. In her time at Palo Alto, Esther has transformed the journalism program there from a small enterprise involving 19 students and a typewriter to a three-part program consisting of Broadcast Journalism, Magazine Journalism, and Newspaper Journalism. It is the largest journalism program in the country, involving almost 400 students and three journalism teachers, and it has garnered extensive national recognition. For example, The Campanile, the student newspaper she advises, was chosen as the most outstanding high school newspaper in the nation by Time Magazine and Time for Kids in 2002, and the website won two Webby Awards in 2005 ( In 2002, Esther was named California Teacher of the Year. She has written for several different publications, including The Los Angeles Times and Time Magazine, and has been the recipient of numerous awards. She received her Bachelor of the Arts and Master of Journalism degrees at University of California, Berkeley, and a Master of the Arts in Education Computer Technology at San Jose State University, in addition to completing several other programs at other schools.

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  1. Wow! This is a really great blog. It’s so refreshing to see a nonprofit teacher blog with so many different writers and articles. If any of you are interested in reviewing a somewhat quirky book about money, initially created for school teachers, please let me know, and I’ll send you a copy. I teach high school English and Personal Finance, and the book (I think) is a good guide for people who are putting away money for their retirement. It hit number one on Amazon for Personal Finance, and it has been featured on CNBC. But if I can get it into the hands of more teachers, and if the teachers can teach the material to students…then financial literacy among both teachers and students rises. Anyway, please let me know if you would like me to mail you a review copy! Thank you! And again—great blog!

    Andrew Hallam
    Singapore American School
    Author: Millionaire Teacher, The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School

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