Three Ways to Establish a Positive Classroom Culture

The next installment in the three things series is on establishing classroom culture.

Here are my three tips:

  • Focus on the positive. Praise the positive behaviors early and often. Pick your battles. Not every negative behavior needs to be directly corrected. For example: If a student is talking in line, instead of  correcting her behavior, praise the students around her that are walking in line correctly. The misbehaving student will likely change the negative behavior.
  • Correct in private. If a student’s behavior does need to be corrected, try to handle this correction in private instead of in front of the class. Avoid setting up a power struggle in front of the class. It won’t be good for anyone.
  • Set up means for students to praise each other. In the past, I’ve given students the opportunity to fill out an act of kindness nomination when they witness another student performing an act of kindness in the classroom. Reading these nominations aloud each week always helped to establish a positive and caring classroom.

What are your tips for establishing a positive classroom culture?

Share your tips with me @barry_christine or leave me a comment here.


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