Three Tips for the New Year

Continuing the three things series…

Today, I’d like to offer you three tips as you return to school in the new year.

  • Reteach procedures and behaviors. Students had a lot of unstructured time over the holidays. Procedures that were in place before the holidays (and all the sugar!) most likely are a little rusty now that kids have returned to school. Treat January just like the beginning of the school year and reteach procedures and behaviors that  classroom to run smoothly.
  • Get organized. Make sure you have a planner to write down all the important dates for events happening in the second half of the year. I also like to use my planner as a to-do list. Just like I teach the students about breaking down big projects into smaller tasks, I do the same for myself. Big projects, like my teaching portfolio, I break down into smaller, weekly tasks. It helps me to stay on task and get the work completed.
  • Try a new idea. Just like you are energized in Septmber to try out all your new ideas you pinned during the summer, spend some time in January trying one of those new ideas! Renergize your classroom with some fresh and fun ideas to spice up the winter blues.

What are your tips?

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