Three Things…

Many times I like to read short and sweet posts that will help me make changes in the classroom or affirm what I am doing. Sometimes short and sweet really is best!

I’d like to start a new series that will include just three things. Maybe three tips, three suggestions, three questions to consider. I’m hoping that this short list will help you to make some positive changes in your classroom.

Here’s my first installment.

Three technology-related items I cannot live without in my classroom:

1. Code Studio: We use this site weekly for students to complete their coding coursework. I believe that teaching students coding skills is one of the most critical skills we can give them. Coding teaches critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills as well as programming language.

2. Edmodo: Edmodo is used daily in my computer classroom. I dessiminate assignments, collect work, grade work, provide feedback to students, send links to all students at once, and allow communication among my students. I cannot imagine teaching without using Edmodo. It is also great when I am out for the day and there is a substitute in the room because I will electronically send the assignment to my students! 

3. Microsoft Office suite: This is the program I use to teach computer skills. I teach students how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This set of programs is the standard for office productivity and my students leave middle school with a good understanding of how to use these programs.

What else would you like me to cover in my Three Things posts?

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