Spring Break

Ahhhhhh, spring break! My spring break was this past week and we return to the classroom on Monday with the countdown to summer in everyone’s minds. I didn’t go anywhere this break, so I was committed to getting caught up on all my schoolwork. What I realized this spring break is how much work and time I put into my job! Now, I’ve certainly understood the amount of time and energy that have gone into teaching before this week, but I think this week of work really drove the point home since I was committed to getting fully caught up this week with everything-lessons, grading, emails, miscellaneous other items. I worked pretty much all day Monday, Tuesday morning, and then about an hour or so Wednesday-Friday to get everything done. That is a pretty ridiculous amount of work to do during what was supposed to be my break! Ha!

I don’t want this post to be seen as a complaint. I guess I am just documenting the fact that teachers do most of their work outside of the classroom on their own time. This is nothing we haven’t heard before, but just one more voice to add to the mix.

What about you? How did you spend your spring break?

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