As we seek to prepare students for a career that does not yet exist, one skill that I find valuable for my students to learn is coding. I have a rudimentary knowledge of coding, but decided I wanted to take on learning this skill right along with my eighth-graders.
We’ve been using Code Studio, which has a wonderful teacher platform from which I can monitor my students’ progress and complete my own course education.
There are different levels of courses, but I’ve started all my students on the very basic of courses, for the early elementary student. They’ve been breezing through this course, as expected, but I didn’t want to skip this fundamental stage.
I have found that coding is more than just learning the task at hand of coding. Students are also learning how think critically and problem-solve—skills they will need in any job and in all situations.

What are you doing with your students?
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Opinions are my own and are not endorsed by Code Studio. I just use and love the site!


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