School Choice in Chicago

As an 8th grade homeroom teacher, I am in the thick of high school decisions with my class of 8th graders.
There are lots of different choices of school type in Chicago.
Since I teach at a Catholic school, we definitely encourage our students to pursue a Catholic high school education. However, many of my students are not Catholic and also seek out other options.
Catholic high schools are extremely expensive, ranging from approximately $4500-$16,000 a year. Therefore, many students and their parents seek out over options.
In Chicago, students can certainly attend their neighborhood public high school, but that rarely occurs for my students as the reason they chose to attend a Catholic school in the first place is because of the poor neighborhood schools.
Students can test and apply for admission to a selective enrollment high school in Chicago. These high schools are public high schools that are extremely competitive.
Next, we have charter schools. The largest network of charter schools I the Noble Street network of charter schools. These schools also require an admissions process and lottery process.
Private high schools, such as the Latin School of Chicago or Lake Forest Academy, are another, much more expensive option, with tuition costs in the $20,000s per year.
High school options abound in Chicago, but the admissions process and tuition costs are often an obstacle for many students.

What are high school options like in your city?

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