ELA workshop

Last Friday, my school had a teacher in-service day. I attended a workshop hosted by Catapult Learning on the ELA curriculum in relation to Common Core. We dug deep into two concepts: text-dependent questions and close reading. I also had a discussion with my colleagues in regards to assessments we use. We came to the consensus that it certainly is important that our students understand the content, but, more so, we expect them to be able to take the concepts and explain and apply them in new ways that will better demonstrate their understanding of the material.
So this past weekend, I wrote two tests for my science classes. Each test is only 3-4 questions that require a written paragraph response. I also gave students the rubric that I would use to grade these exams. I think this assessment will give me a better picture of how well the students understand the material.

What are your thoughts? How have assessments changed in your classroom in response to the CCSS?

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