State by State

The results from the Scholastic Primary Sources survey that I found the most interesting were the state-by-state data. I clicked on over to the Illinois data, so that I could see how teachers in my home state responded.

One of the most astonishing statistics occurred in Domain 3: Teachers on Evaluations. In Illinois, 93% of teachers report receiving an evaluation at least once every few years. While only 54% of teachers state they are evaluated every year.  I found that in Texas 100% of teachers report receiving an evaluation at least one every few years, while 87% of teachers are evaluated yearly. Texas is doing much better than Illinois in the teacher evaluation system!

I find the teacher evaluation data the most intriguing because it was just last school year in which Chicago Public School teachers carried out a strike and one of the reasons was over teacher evaluations. Clearly, that point doesn’t really matter. Evaluations aren’t even being carried out for nearly half the teachers (46%) in the state every year!

Evaluations, in my opinion, should occur EVERY year. As a teacher, this is not something I can control. It is up to the administrators to carry out these evaluations.

Come on, Illinois. Get it together.


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