The Unheard Voice

While many teachers are skeptical of the involvement of Bill and Melinda Gates in the education world because of their push for charter schools, their recent survey conducted on real teachers with honest viewpoints is much appreciated in the education world. Over the next month, I’ll look at some different aspects of their survey.

Today, I want to applaud the Gates Foundation for actually surveying teachers on the state of education. Too often, teachers are left out of the educational policy talks, the common core development, the debates over what education should look like in the 21st century. Instead, we turn to policy heads, business leaders, and government officials who have never stepped foot in a classroom to decide on educational policy, learning standards, and teacher effectiveness. For too long, our nation’s teachers have been silenced from these discussions. I am glad to see that we are allowing teachers to enter these debates and voice their opinions. The teachers are the ones for whom these policy teachers affect and these teachers’ students are the ones who will benefit or not from the implementation of these policies. We must allow teachers to have a bigger voice outside of their classrooms.


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