Testing Resources

In my search for information on the new tests associated with Common Core standards, I came across two articles that shed some light on the two different tests set to be implemented next school year by districts across the nation.

The first article comes from Scholastic. It is simply an overview of the two different tests–PARCC and SBAC. The article offers a good overview of what to expect with each test and provides tips on how to best prepare our students. School districts will choose either the PARCC or the SBAC to implement starting in 2014-2015. From what I’ve heard, most districts are going with the PARCC, although I like the adaptive test format of huge SBAC more. Find the Scholastic article here.

The second article I came across comes from the website called FairTest, The National Center for Fair and Open Testing. The name of the website itself intrigued me and made me delve deeper into its resources. The one article I particularly liked was on Common Core Assessments Myths and Realities. The succinct article is well-written with evidence, something that is often lacking when other people denounce the Common Core assessments. Take a look at the article here.

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