School Choice

School choice is a topic that has fallen out of the public discussion in the past couple of years. You rarely hear politicians debate its merits and hear very little about vouchers, bussing, choice, etc.
However, here in Illinois, and specifically in Chicago, school choice is a growing hot topic once again. In the past year, there have been rallies at Union Station in Chicago and discussions on school choice reform.

In my opinion, school choice has the power to transform education.

In a city as diverse as Chicago, and after seeing one of the largest school closings in history this last August, school choice could reform education in the city of Chicago. Eighth-grade students in Chicago are currently in a battle to get accepted into one of the few selective enrollment high schools in the city. These selective-enrollment schools are the best among the rest of the overcrowded, ill-funded, gang-ridden public high schools that litter the city of Chicago, especially the west and south sides. Imagine if all students in the city of Chicago could choose ANY public high school to attend. Under-enrolled (and thus, under-performing) schools would be forced to close. Schools would need to be at the forefront of education and would need to market to students to increase their enrollment, much like the private schools in Chicago must do to keep up enrollment. If all schools were placed in thinks competitive market, schools would be forced to increase the quality of learning provided to students or face closure. This simple act of eliminating neighborhood schools could transform schools in Chicago.

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2 thoughts on “School Choice

  1. In Wisconsin we have open enrollment year round. It does keep schools on their toes. Because no family/child should have to stay in a district or school that is not working. We recently moved to Madison , Wisconsin. We had lived in Evansville , Wisconsin. The Evansville school district, which is a smaller district any one loses hundreds and thousands of dollar to open enrollment each year. This how ever is a district that lacks in many areas. Parents are tired of trying to fight for services for their students, either LD or GT. The high school offers very little for curriculum and does not challenge or prepare students for college. The administration just does not seem to understand parents/students are no longer trapped in their resident district. In our area, Madison the schools do market them selves and they are thriving.

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