Online Testing

As school districts prepare for Common core tests to hit schools in spring of 2015, schools are scrambling to ensure they are ready for these online tests.

At my school, in order to gauge students’ skill levels, we used the NWEA MAP tests this school year.
While the tests themselves are a fine indicator of student ability (and inability), the bigger results we gained were from the actual online testing experience. We had so many difficulties in internet speed, browser compatibility, system compatibility, computer speed, etc., that it took to test our students. I am dreading the next two testing sessions unless something drastically changes in NWEA’s testing process or in my school’s internet speed.

Here are some things I learned:
-do not test all students at once; stagger testing of classes
-ensure browser compatibility before testing
-load the URL or save to favorites before testing
-buy brand new, high-speed computers and install a high-speed internet connection (a girl can dream, right?)

What are your tips and suggestions?
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