Coming to Life


It is pretty exciting, isn’t it, watching the school building and the school grounds come to life. It is also poignant for me, since I retired from fulltime brick-and-mortar classroom teaching last May and now only teach parttime online.

As I’ve discussed in many earlier blogs, the online format is here to stay and growing every day. I know that there are many arguments for it, but there’s one thing that an online environment cannot really do, and that’s bring a building to life.

I have to admit that the students at the nearby high school surely look younger every year, especially now that I’m at retirement age. I feel a pang of sadness every time I think of the new teacher now in my classroom, facing my beloved students, and doing the work. I have to remind myself that everybody retires sometime, and now it’s my turn. And I still have my online students, who are interesting and engaging me now more than ever.


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