Back To School Humor

Funny Back to School Stories and Jokes

Holidays Are Over

The summer holiday was over and young Jack returned to his school.

Only two days later his teacher phoned his mother to tell her that Jack was misbehaving.

‘Wait a minute,’ mother said. ‘I had Jack with me for six weeks and I never called you once when he misbehaved.

School Learning

Nathan comes home from his first day at school. Mother asks, ‘What did you learn today?’
He replies, ‘Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow.’

New Teacher?
Mia: I think we need a new teacher.
Mum: Why is that?
Mia: Our teacher doesn’t know anything, she keeps asking us for the answers.

No Homework – Best Excuse

Best Homework Excuse 2013- The computer deleted my homework.

Best Homework Excuse 1963 – The dog ate my essay.


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