Back to School?

August? Where did you come from?
Back to school time is here. The sales have already hit store shelves. (Who are we kidding? The back to school sales were the day after July 4!) Curriculum is being planned. Lessons are getting prepped. Bulletin board designs are being summoned.
Although I think all teachers dread back to school time, we all really secretly live for it as well.
New students, new classes, new teaching materials, sharpened pencils, fresh crayons, unmarked books. Does it get any better?
I am looking forward to a new school year. I will be teaching new subjects with a different grade level as my homeroom; however, I will be staying in the same school. These changes are welcome changes for me and I have already planned out my first unit!
I am excited to start the new year. I love teaching. On the other hand, I am not looking forward to giving up my lazy summer days spent at the pool, reading books, and watching movies. Again, I love teaching. It is too bad that the actual teaching aspect of my job is not the only thing I have to do. Not my out-of-school hours will be filled with lesson planning, grading, meetings, more grading, and more meetings!
Good luck to everyone as they get back in the swing of things as the new school year kicks off shortly!


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