Lesson from the Butterfly Man

We were at the county fair yesterday, and while I was assisting impromptu with a clay demo, my husband was visiting the butterfly exhibit, a beautiful screened enclosure full of fluttering butterflies. 

ImageThe place was crowded with children, parents, visitors of all kinds. You could walk around or sit and contemplate the butterflies.

My husband chose a bench and sat down; he thought, “I am going to send out love to the butterflies. All you butterflies, you are safe with me.”

All of a sudden, he was covered with butterflies landing on his shirt, his head, and his bermudas, even his shoes. “Look!” said the children all around, “He’s the butterfly man. They are landing all over him!”

How did those butterflies know they could safely land on him? Like all living creatures, they could feel the love and they knew they’d be safe. If butterflies can sense this, don’t you think that a classroom full of seventh-graders can feel it as well? Kids have perfect radar for what’s going on emotionally. Most of us teachers can tell the stories of when they’ve arrived at school with a headache, with money worries, with stress over a family illness, and students will come up and say, “Are you OK, Mrs. W?”

It’s still summer and we’re still in the sunshine, feeling good. School’s not far off, though, so here’s a gentle message of friendliness and love from the wife of the Butterfly Man.


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