Challenge: Paperwork

One of the challenges every teacher faces is the challenge of when and how to complete all the work required to actually teach! Lessons plans need to be written, papers need to be graded, interventions need to be documented, etc. All of these items do not get completed during the contracted school hours of 8:00-3:00. All of these items need to be completed on the teacher’s own time. How do we manage to get everything completed and still have some free time to ourselves? After 5.5 years of trial and error, I think I have come up with the solution for myself. Here’s what I do and I really like my system and schedule.

During the weeknights, I do my grading. I only devote 1.5 hours each night to grading. Any more, and I will go crazy! Plus, I gotta keep up with CSI and Person of Interest!
Friday night or Saturday morning, I get all my lesson plans done for the following week and any other paperwork type stuff that needs to be completed. I do not grade on the weekends.
I used to wait until the last possible moment on Sundays to get my lesson plans written. I found that I was always very stressed on Sundays and then had no down time between work and the school week starting on Mondays.
I like my new system and it is working well for me. I get all schoolwork done first on the weekends and then I have the rest of the weekend to relax, run errands, etc.

Every person is different in terms of handling paperwork, lesson planning, and grading. Maybe you like to stay one night after school and get it all done, so you don’t have to take anything home. Maybe you give yourself a 3 hour block on Sunday mornings to complete your work.
Whatever works for you is great! What I have found to be the most beneficial is to make a schedule and stick to it. You then know what to expect every week and your work gets done!

He do you handle all the work that needs to be completed outside of school hours? Let us know in the comments!


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