Challenge: Parents

A big challenge for teachers is dealing with parents. Whether the parents are supportive, combative, or indifferent, it is always a challenge to deal with them.
Here are some tips for dealing with different types of parents.

1. When dealing with the supportive parent, make sure to be specific as to how the parent can provide support for their child and for you in the classroom. Teachers love our supportive parents, but sometimes they can get too overbearing and act like helicopter parents. Be specific in guidelines as to how they should help with homework and projects, so that the students are doing the work, not the parents.

2. When dealing with the combative parent, try to have a reasonable conversation with support from the administration present. Make sure to acknowledge the parent’s point of view and give specific ways in which the teacher and school will work to help their child.

3. Wen dealing with the indifferent parent, reach out to them early and often. Call them with good news about their child and again, offer some specific ways they can help their child at home and offer suggestions for volunteering in the classroom. A personal invitation and conversation with the parent can make a world of difference.

What tips do you have? Share them with us in the comments.


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