Challenge: Disruptive Students

This year was a real challenge with one of my science classes. To be honest, this class was difficult for all the teachers. They were disruptive, uncooperative, disrespectful, etc. There were a few gems among the group, but overall they were not a good class to teach. I came up with some solutions that sometimes worked and sometimes failed.

Here are some suggestions of things that worked for me:

  • Clear rules and consequences: This point is one that all teachers know, but we don’t always follow through. I found that when I made it extremely clear in writing to my students what the expectations and consequences (both positive and negative) were, the class got a bit easier to handle.
  • Interactive lessons: I was using my rote lecture-style lessons with the students because they weren’t cooperating for the hands-on activities. However, when I turned the tables on this approach and used the hands-on activities as the focus of my lessons, I was met with better cooperation and more excitement for learning in my classroom.
  • Try different things: One of the new things I did this year with my class was participate in an interactive video webinar with a marine biologist. I was nervous that this lesson would not capture the students’ attention and that behavior problems would ensue. I was wrong. The students were captivated and begged to participate in future webinars.
  • Parental contact: Be willing to connect with parents for support in dealing with their child. 

Any tips or suggestions you can offer? Please share in the comments.


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