Getting on board with the Common Core!

Many school districts across the nation are currently grappling with the beginning stages of the implementation of the Common Core standards. Illinois is certainly among one of the states that has adopted the Common Core standards. However, working in a Catholic school in Illinois has afforded us a little leeway in the adoption of the CCS. 

While my school does intend to implement the Common Core standards next school year (2013-2014), Catholic schools across the Archdiocese, at this point, can choose whether or not to adopt the CCS next year or stay with the Illinois State Standards. At my school, we feel that adopting the CCS will allow us to raise our expectations for our students and increase student learning. 

We have already attended some in-service training on the CCS. We are preparing this school year by continuing with various trainings and professional development opportunities centered on the Common Core. 

I think the adoption of the Common Core standards is, in general, good move for our country and our students. I hope the standards live up to the hype and that we see a full set of standards across disciplines before school starts in the fall (and, ideally, before the end of this school year). 

Thoughts? Comments? Leave us a note in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “Getting on board with the Common Core!

  1. But along with higher expectations for students, comes higher expectations for teachers. They are going to have to do better than what they have been. In Wisconsin, if they could quit crying about ACT 10, it would be nice.

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