How do I really explain what I do?

Yes, I am hired to be a teacher. That is certainly my job title. But I am much more than a teacher and do much more than teach in a day.
I am reminded of Taylor Mali’s spoken word poem, What Teachers Make, when thinking about my responsibilities and what I really do in a day.

I make kids into scientists.
I make them experiment, question, wonder, and test their theories and questions.
I inspire creativity.
I help kids create animations, videos, websites, and blogs.
I teach kids to be kind, caring, and compassionate.
I instill social justice and service awareness in my students through our Empowerment Project.
I teach kids to be courteous and have manners.
I help them learn to always say, “Please,” and “Thank you.”
I teach kids how to use words to express themselves.
I help my students grow up to be kind, caring global citizens.

What do you make?


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