A Day in the Life…

Today’s post will focus on everything else I do besides actually teaching!

As teachers, we are called to be so much more for our kids.

We are called to be fill-in moms and dads providing attention and care for each of our kids. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called Mom!)

We are called to be nurses and doctors when a child hurts himself. (I’ve ridden in an ambulance twice with one of my students and called 911 four times.)

We are called to be psychologists when the girl drama starts and the boyfriend sagas begin.

We are asked to be party planners for every holiday, event, and birthday in the class.

We are custodians cleaning up after our kids.

We are like Dear Abby, teaching kids manners and doling out wisdom and advice.

We provide magic and wonder, care and attention, love and an education for our kids. Our kids. For that is what they are to us. The children in our classrooms mean so much more to us than just students we educate. For when they are in our class, they become our children. We care for them, we laugh with them, we cry for them, we educate them.


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