Creating Classrooms That Work–using T.R.I.C.K. to Engage Kids

Creating Classrooms That Work

Here is a TEDx video that explains how the culture of the classroom can change student performance.  Students learn what they live; in other words, students learn from the way they are treated in the classroom. If we give them respect, they feel respected.  If we trust them, they feel responsible.   If we as teachers can  improve the culture in the classroom so students feel trusted and respected it goes a long way in engaging them.  Studies say that it just takes one teacher who connects with a student out of all twelve years of schooling to make a difference, but many kids graduate (or dropout) without having even one teacher who they connected with.  Suggestion:   Let’s  help kids get engaged by using  T.R.I.C.K which stands for trust, respect, independence, collaboration and kindness in the classroom.


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