Telling Time In Detention

The other day, a boy was waiting to be released from lockup.

He asked me, “What time is it?”

I responded, “Look at the clock and see for yourself.”Image

He said, “I can’t tell time [using a clock].”

I said, “How old are you?”


I got up from my desk, came over to him, and said, “The little hand means the hour. The big hand tells the minutes. Can you count by fives?”

“Yes,” so I said, “OK, look at the ONE. That’s five minutes. Now let’s count around the clock by fives.”

We did it. I said, “So what time is it?”

He said, “2:05!” Then against all the rules, he jumped up, ran out of the classroom, and hailed the detention staff.

“I can tell time! I can tell time!” he told them. They all glanced into the classroom through the windows to make sure everything was all right.

Thumbs up :).Image


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