Restructuring Schools guide

While internet browsing, I came across this guide for Restructuring Schools. This 134-page document published in 2010 by Learning Point Associates is a comprehensive guide in restructuring, transforming, turning around, and closing schools. From this guide, it is clear that restructuring a school in any way will not be an easy task, not should it be quick. There are many steps to take and people to involve to insure the best outcome for all.

This guide seems beneficial to school district officials contemplating the restructuring process.

I also did a little digging into Learning Point Associates who published this guide less than three years ago. It is the “leading education research company in the nation.” They are a leader in school turnaround services and offer many valuable services. Check out the School Turnaround and Transformation page. There are many more valuable resources, especially for district leaders, at their website. 

I am not affiliated with Learning Point Associates. I just happened to come across their materials and found them valuable and thought you might too.


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