Closing Schools?

I doubt anyone ever wants to be a part of closing a school or witness a school closure. To put an end to a place of learning and safety for so many students can never be an easy task.
I came across two articles this week related to the schools here in Chicago.

The first article is about the ongoing discussion in the Chicago Public Schools over which schools to close. The article states that there are 330 underused schools! That number is astounding to me.
It can’t be an easy decision to make on which schools to close and which schools stay open. I’ll be following this story as the school year progresses.
Check out the article here.

The second article is about the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Catholic school system, the largest Catholic school system in the nation. The article talks about how the city’s Catholic schools are thriving and increasing enrollment, year after year. I am proud to be a teacher in the Catholic school system. Perhaps public education can harness some of the strategies from the Catholic school system for their benefit? Very few schools within the Catholic archdiocese will close at the end of this year, unlike many other cities around the nation.
Check out the article here.


One thought on “Closing Schools?

  1. I enjoyed your blog post! That is encouraging. I’m a product as well of a private Christian school education. I loved the small class sizes but most of all the DAILY infusion of God’s principles and purpose. We used to attend service once a week as a part of our school day! We had prayer daily to start each day. My hope is that more and more parents realize how much more powerful education can be when God is a part of it whether it is a private school or a public school classroom lead by a Christian teacher.

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