School Closings

It seems that many school districts shutter failing schools. The school is not performing well; therefore, the answer must be to close that school.
But what happens to those students? Where are they left when their neighborhood school closes on them?
Those students are forced to find an alternative–get on a bus to a school further away or find a charter or private school that is willing to accept them.
Closing schools is not a long-term solution. Those same students are just being shuffled from school to school with no continuity of their education. They are forced to move around and lose the structure a single school can provide.
Closing schools does not help the problem of failing schools. Closing a school just continues to fail the students that are a part of it. The students are merely dispersed to other schools and the problem is spread out rather than contained within one school where interventions can be focused.
Closing schools is not a solution.

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