What is something you would like to change in the education world?
When I first contemplated this question, I could not pinpoint something specific that came to mind. Sure, there are lots of things that I would like to see change—better pay scales for teachers, smaller class sizes, more money for resources, special education services for anyone in need. I could go on with my list, but I felt that these ideas were not really that new or worth discussing.

However, one idea I have is not altogether new either, but one I feel is worth discussing and exploring in this post and hopefully hearing from some of you in the comments.

I would like to see public education systems give parents a choice of where to send their child to school. Now, we do have this system somewhat in place with charter schools, private schools, faith-based schools, magnet schools, and selective enrollment schools offering parents choices as to where to send their child. But I am talking about breaking it down to the simplest level.
Say there are 10 elementary schools within a city. Parents could choose which of the schools to send their child to. Perhaps each school could even offer a different focus—arts, technology, science, humanities, engineering, etc. that would help parents and students focus their decision. There would be no lotteries, no testing to get in to the school, no wait lists. If a parent wanted to enroll their child in that school, then there was a space for that child. The district is funded to serve 2000 students among 10 schools. Split evenly, that is 200 students per school. But if more parents want to enroll at one school over another, then why should it matter, the district is still educating those same 2000 students.

I feel that this method would create more high-performing schools in which principals and teachers make their schools attractive so students will want to enroll. Students will be high-performing learners, which will please their parents and keep the students in that school.
Think of this method in the same way that colleges recruit students. Competing for students creates rigorous academic environments that produce quality students. The same method can surely be applied to our nation’s K-12 school system.

What do you think about this method?
Let me know in the comments.


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