“Cool Website Page”

When reflecting on your teaching practice and trying to keep an open mind to alternative methods of instruction, you will consider the 21st century learner and the tools that are available to meet these needs. What is a 21st century learner?  On the following website, on the home page, you will have a chance to view a short video clip on the students of today, and how they are communicating and learning. It’s short and gets to the point. (Flip-teaching)

Also in this age of abundance of information, when I am looking for resources to use, I want teacher friendly, easy access and good material.  While researching 21st century skills, I came upon this website.  Out of all the pages,  I like the “cool website page”.  It has links, information, videos and resources for 21st century tools to use in the classroom or to gather information for curriculum. The work that you and your team will need to do is determine the student outcomes that need to be met, which resources are free to use or economical, and what is applicable and could be considered for your district or school in relation to curriculum and instruction.

Check this website out-



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