Handling Hashtags for Tweeting Teachers

So, you have ventured into the world of Twitter.  You have a few people to follow and have even posted some. 


What is with all of the number signs? #?


In the Twitter world, those are referred to as hashtags.  They are used to draw attention to a subject or categorize a tweet.  For example during the reason storm, #Sandy was trending (popular) for people who wanted news about folks affected by the storm.  Today, election day, hashtags are used for the words election and the candidates names so followers can get the latest news.

Here is some additional help as you Tweet more effectively with hashtags:

  1.  Follow Fridays #ff – Tweet like a pro.  Found someone interesting to follow and want a friend to know?  Use the follow Friday hashtag #ff.  Example: “@Tarantismk – #ff @neilhimself.”  I just told my daughter (Tarantismk) that she might like to follow author Neil Gaiman.  She will see it, he will see, and all of their followers will see it.
  2. Let’s say you are using Twitter in your classroom.  Create a unique hashtag for your class.  That way you and your students can follow the conversation quickly and easily.  For example, for my upcoming presentations on using tech with ELL students I might use #MoorELL.  This way students/participant can ask questions without bothering the class or make comments for you to review later.
  3. Hashtags searches.  Let’s say you want the latest news on the Common Core State Standards.  Go to the search and use #CCSS.  You will have your results within seconds of all of the news posted as of that very minute.
  4. Still having trouble and don’t know your #tbt from your #tcot?  Try http://tagdef.com/.  This is a very simple online dictionary of commonly used hashtags.  It’s sort of like the text-speak dictionary.  But like text-speak, don’t over so it.

You can follow me on Twitter at DarlaSays.  We can hash it out.  (Sorry for the pun;)

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In short - Teacher, Author, Speaker, and sometimes PopCulture Pirate. http://www.now2wowpublishing.com In long- Darla's 1st career was in Psychology. For the past 11 years she has taught everything from 3rd grade to college Freshmen in both urban and rural settings. She is a Lead Content Expert and Content Alignment Committee Member in the area of ELA for the Ohio Department of Education and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops. As an author she has contributed to The Gates Foundation, US Department of Education, ETS, AIR, and many other educational communities. Her anticipated series of books, Moore’s Common Core Teacher Guides will be available from Amazon starting July 2012. Follow her on Twitter at darlasays. You can also find her as part of Now2WOW Publishing

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