Apps I love!

I thought I would do a quick list today of two apps I am using and loving in my classroom!


1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is primarily a website-based behavior management program. There is an iPad app that I use, but the app cannot be used alone. The app must be used in conjunction with the website. You use the website to create and setup your individual classes. You can award points for positive and negative behaviors to individual students both on the website and through the app. I like the app because it makes me recognize more students for positive behavior. Students can be given individual log-ins to track their behavior and points.


2. Math Monsters

This is an app available in the iTunes store from TapToLearn software. It has a very simple user interface. Students can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division categories, and then simply tap on the correct answer for each problem. Immediate feedback is given. This is drill and kill practice that many students need to learn their math facts. I set this game up on my iPad and allow students to play for a few minutes at a time.


One thought on “Apps I love!

  1. I love that fact that many teachers can bring technology into their classrooms and the two ways which you do it are very engaging. It is important to acknowledge positive behaviors in the classroom and I did not even know their was an app to keep track of it! Good to know! Educational games engage the children and it is a good way to assess them as well. I unfortunately do not have such technologies in my classroom but if or when I do I would like to incorporate more technology. I feel as though children today respond to technology and its a great way to broaden their learning.

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