Charter Public Schools

This is a completely opinionated writing so take it as it is.

We need schools that work for each and every student.

For the most part, the US is determined to somehow create a one-size-fits-all school system yet personalize the plans to each childs’ learning style. That is like saying everyone must shop at Walmart only but Walmart must provide you with whatever color of sweatshirt you want.

I like choices. I think most people do. But students, parents, and teachers have very little choice currently in Education.

Personal example – My daughter loves the fine Arts. She recently graduated from OSU with a degree in Drawing and Painting. (Here is her website for those of you interested. ) I sometimes get free cover art for my books. She and I would have loved it if she could have studied art more intensely at a younger age. Perhaps a charter school which would still cover all of the standards but allowed her focus on Art much like STEM schools focus on Math and Science. I think many students would be more involve in their own education if schools had more focus in areas of interest like many charter schools do, not the one-size model of most public schools.

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In short - Teacher, Author, Speaker, and sometimes PopCulture Pirate. In long- Darla's 1st career was in Psychology. For the past 11 years she has taught everything from 3rd grade to college Freshmen in both urban and rural settings. She is a Lead Content Expert and Content Alignment Committee Member in the area of ELA for the Ohio Department of Education and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops. As an author she has contributed to The Gates Foundation, US Department of Education, ETS, AIR, and many other educational communities. Her anticipated series of books, Moore’s Common Core Teacher Guides will be available from Amazon starting July 2012. Follow her on Twitter at darlasays. You can also find her as part of Now2WOW Publishing

2 thoughts on “Charter Public Schools

  1. Hi Darla,
    Great post! I agree with you on many points, I can recall learning many things within school that I always wondered why are we learning this? How will this be useful when I am older and working? Now at 26 I can say, nope I really didn’t need to learn everything. However do you feel that having an art focused school is the same as a STEM school? How would we ensure all standard materials were covered fully? Also I see your point with the Walmart example, but you can’t judge a lesson by what the teachers should be teaching. A group of 10 teachers could be giving the same material to teach and each of they could have their own way. Some using technology some using art. What is your opinion on have a school that teaches that standard but would incorporate art into every lesson?

  2. Jenna does make some good points. Yes, I can remember learning things in school that seemed useless (like the quadratic formula. When are we ever going to need that?), and wondered how I could use it while working. I am also curious about an answer on the last question that Jenna asked in her post, because as I think about it, something like that could be practical, but I wouldn’t be sure on how to implement it, partially because I am inexperienced. Could a school that teaches to the standards but incorporates art into every lesson be practical and effective?

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