Starting a charter school

I decided to look into the process of actually creating a charter school in the city of Chicago. I am not interested in following through on this process (at least, not at this point in my career), but I am intrigued by the steps individuals and groups take to form a charter school. A Google search on how to start a charter school resulted in more than 4,900,000 results. I first started with the Chicago Public Schools website.

The Chicago Public Schools has an office called the Office of New Schools  that “oversees the application process for starting a new charter, contract, or performance school, as well as some turnaround schools.” In the 2010-2011 school year, this CPS office oversaw 82 charter schools.

This website offers an extensive overview of the application process, the distinctions between charter schools, alternative schools, and turnaround schools, as well as other useful information regarding curriculum, employee compensation, etc.

I was unable to access the application as the application deadline was closed back in August. In addition, all applications are completed through a Review Room portal.

I found this whole process overwhelming, but, surprisingly, very clear in terms of the steps to take in the application process. Maybe I should start my own school after all…



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