State by State CCSS Free Resources

As promised in last blog, here is my collection of state resources for CCSS.  This collection is from my book Moore’s Common Core Teacher Guide and Planner to Transitioning to CCSS.  I personally worked on the material on the Ohio site but I really like Hawaii’s information.

ELA Common Core State Standards Initiative

Math –


Alabama –

Arizona –

Arkansas ––Crosswalk%20Page

California –

Colorado – nothing specific at time of publication

Connecticut –

Delaware –

Florida –

Georgia –

Hawaii-    ***(good cite)

Idaho –

Illinois –

Indiana –

Iowa –

Kansas –

Kentucky –

Louisiana –

Maine –

Maryland –

Massachusetts –

Michigan –,1607,7-140-6530_30334_51042-232021–,00.html

Mississippi –

Missouri –

Montana –

Nevada –

New Hampshire –

New Jersey –

New Mexico –

New York –

North Carolina-

North Dakota –

Ohio –

Oklahoma –

Oregon –

Pennsylvania –

Rhode Island –

South Carolina –

South Dakota –

Tennessee –

Utah –

Vermont –

Washington –

West Virginia –

Wisconsin –


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In short - Teacher, Author, Speaker, and sometimes PopCulture Pirate. In long- Darla's 1st career was in Psychology. For the past 11 years she has taught everything from 3rd grade to college Freshmen in both urban and rural settings. She is a Lead Content Expert and Content Alignment Committee Member in the area of ELA for the Ohio Department of Education and has presented at numerous conferences and workshops. As an author she has contributed to The Gates Foundation, US Department of Education, ETS, AIR, and many other educational communities. Her anticipated series of books, Moore’s Common Core Teacher Guides will be available from Amazon starting July 2012. Follow her on Twitter at darlasays. You can also find her as part of Now2WOW Publishing

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