Chicago Teachers’ Union

This month’s topic here at the TeachersCount blog is about the decline of teachers’ unions.
However, here in Chicago, you will find no decline of the union. The Chicago Teachers’ Union (CTU) is stronger than ever this summer. Union members have voted to allow for a strike and are rallying around a 30% pay increase because of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s increase to a 7 hour school day. You can read about the ongoing negotiations here.
At this point, a strike is imminent. Some year-round schools begin classes on Monday and those classes will continue as normal with teachers working on an expired contract. The majority of schools will begin after Labor Day, unless the strike is authorized before then, which seems very likely.
And then where does that leave the children of this city? Either at home, in front of the television sets and video games or out on the streets. Chicago has seen record violence on its streets this year which will only get worse if our kids aren’t in school. It is time for all parties involved to quit the bellyaching and do what is best for those who have no voice in this matter–our city’s students.


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