No teachers’ union

There has been a shift in education away from teachers’ unions. In the Archdiocese of Chicago schools where I will be beginning my sixth year of teaching in just 11 more days (not that I’m counting!), we do not have a teachers’ union. We also do not have a tenure system. Teachers are contracted on a yearly basis and if they are not wanted back for the following school year or not needed, they are simply not offered a contract. I feel that this method keeps teachers on their toes. We always have to be at our best, doing what is best for our students. I’m not sure that this is quite the best method necessarily. It is very nerve wracking every year when contracts come out or are delayed because of budget issues whether or not I will have a job for the following school year or if I need to look for a new one. Teachers’ unions and tenure would help to ease some of that worry every year.

What about you? What are your experiences with unions?
Thoughts? Leave a comment!


One thought on “No teachers’ union

  1. Unfortunately…I haven’t had an experience with one. However, it may just increase this late bloomer’s chances of getting hired!

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