Ok, listen to this description.  There is going to be a quiz.


You enter into an unfamiliar environment.  You soon learn new skills to use in the new environment.  You get plenty of chances to practice your new skills. (You may even get more new skills building on what you have learned).  At the end of a given time period, you are tested on your newly obtained skills.  At that point, you either get to go to a new level or you need to keep practicing and try again.


QUICK!  Did I just describe a classroom or a video game?


Gamification is a buzzword in business.  The concept is to do exactly what I described but in a business setting.  New skills are introduced.  Employees practice the given skills then compete, often against themselves, to show improvement.  Those who pass the test are rewarded and move on to another task.  Those who do not pass are asked to keep practicing and try again later.

 Al Gore Gamification - Games are the new normal



Here are some more links:


As we get ready for a new year, can we gamify classrooms?  Or should we?  Or isn’t that what we already do? (Back to my description.)


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