Wyoming camping trip

This month’s topic of discussion on the blog relates to how we can reward teachers. I would like to discuss a rewarding experience I had this last week.
Last week I spent Monday through Friday with 4 of my students and 12 other students from across Chicago at a camp on a ranch in the mountains of Wyoming. Five teachers accompanied these 16 inner-city students for their first ever experiences in the country.
We slept in tents and experience nature.
We helped students to tackle horseback riding and mountain biking.
Students (and me!) overcame their fears on the high ropes course and zip lining course. Students pushed themselves on the low ropes course and the 30 feet rock climbing wall.
We hiked the Medicine Bow National Forest and visited the Encampment Museum where we claimed the 50 feet fire tower.
We had an amazing time! It is these types of experiences in which I can connect with students and guide them through new experiences that really make me glad that I am in the teaching field. We can have these rewarding experiences in the classroom as well as we guide students to overcome their obstacles, challenge their fears, and push them to succeed.


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