GED vs Regular Diploma

When I did a casual survey of some of the companies in my little rural town, most of the managers said that sure, they’d rather hire someone who actually completed high school than one who just took the GED.

That makes perfect sense, of course.

When I asked them how often they actually checked on high-school graduation information, alas, almost none of them did. This is probably because most of the jobs that they’re hiring for are very basic minimum-wage positions and the companies perhaps don’t care what kind of high-school diploma these employees actually have.

I imagine that high-level universities would care what kind of a diploma you have from high school.

I know that in my district, they make a very big deal about the value of a regular diploma vs. a GED. No wonder. They get per-pupil funding for those who stay in school! In the real world, however, I wonder if this distinction is much ado about nothing. What you can bring to a job, what work you can do probably matter more if you don’t go ahead to college.

And if you do, high school quickly becomes a distant memory, to you and to your institution, no matter what kind of a diploma you get.


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