A Route around the GED

OK, let’s suppose that you want to go to college but you got a GED, not a regular diploma.

Let’s even imagine that your college or university actually cares what kind of high-school diploma you got.

Here is a simple and extremely effective way around it.

Just enroll first in your affordable, friendly local community college for a year–or two.

Do extremely well in your classes by choosing a reasonable schedule and doing your work well. Get all A’s if you can. This will not be that hard if you make sure that you attend all classes, turn in all your work, and study well for your exams. Don’t fall into the trap of schmoozing your way through this first semester. Prepare well, study hard, and get those A’s, a couple of B’s if you must.

Then when you want to apply to a university, either a good state university or some prestigious institution somewhere, that first year with stellar grades is what will matter, not what kind of high-school diploma you get.

And you enjoy the benefits of a hometown community college, even being able to live at home perhaps, so you can save money toward that next step.

Easy. Don’t get stressed over a GED, if that’s the route you took. Just sort of erase it with a splendid first year at a local two-year institution.


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