Unique high school experiences

In thinking about the value of a high school education versus a GED, I want to focus today on what else a high school experience can provide beyond the basics.
Surely students can demonstrate their high school proficiency by taking the GED rather than staying in school and getting a diploma. But there are so many other things a high school offers for our students. Things like mentoring, hot meals, after school activities, athletic opportunities, social opportunities, and so on and so forth are experiences that cannot be replicated within a GED program.
I was reading the Chicago Tribune this morning and came across this article about a program in an Englewood high school in Chicago’s most notably violent neighborhood. Go read the article first and then come back here.

The program, Voices of a People’s History, provides students with an opportunity and a voice to discover and create their history, the history of their people, modeled after Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. A culminating performance will take place soon in Englewood. This experience has impacted these kids and, hopefully, their community.
How do you measure the ability to give students a voice in the creation of their own history on a GED test?

Comments welcome.


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