The Reason for a GED

The debate over the value of a high school education versus a student earning his or her GED is often a hot button topic.
Teachers want students in school completing their high school education, not dropping out and testing for their GED. For most students, staying in school and completing high school is the best option. In my opinion, all students should complete high school and receive a diploma.
However, for many students, staying in school seems almost impossible.
As educators, I think we need to look at the reasons why students are dropping out and make some changes to reach those kids. Our schools are set up the same way they were 100 years ago. Just like teachers understand that if something is not working in the classroom, then we need to change our method of instruction. So, too, should the same thinking be applied here in the case of high school dropouts. Let’s figure out why our kids are dropping out and make changes to combat these reasons. I think we already know many of the reasons why kid drop out–poverty, gangs, teen pregnancy–so what are we doing to combat these problems and help our kids?


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