Vocational education programs

I just read this piece about the revival of vocational education programs in our country’s schools. However, they are no longer called vocational programs because of the negative stigma associated with those programs, but rather career and technical programs. The Time article supports the idea that we need to train students to work in careers that are necessary to keep the country running. Many of these career paths do not require a college degree, but rather just this kind of technical training and hands-on experience that these career and technical programs provide.
I feel very strongly that college is not for everyone. Not only is it expensive, but many students do not need to continue schooling when they are ready for a career that doesn’t require a degree.
We need to get away from mandating college education for all and instead set students on a path to success in whatever career they choose. Technical jobs, such as carpenters, vet assistants, dental hygienists, nurses, etc., require technical training, but not necessarily a college degree.
Let’s help our students be successful and help them find their niche in society.


One thought on “Vocational education programs

  1. Schools should definitely do more to make career and technical programs available to students. It should also be possible to finish high school with an associate’s degree. So much of the educational day is wasted when college-bound students are mixed into classes with students who really could care less and just want to get a job that might pay the bills after school. Bigger schools can accomodate the population’s learning goals moreso than smaller schools. The small school I taught at was not able to offer true college-bound classes, which was a disservice to all students and kept the academic bar fairly low to accomodate the belly-achers who did not see college in their futures.

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