Parental Involvement

This topic makes me think of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. Remember, Goldie was rarely happy with her situation. This porridge is to hot. This porridge is too cold. This chair is too hard. This chair is too soft. And when she found one that was just right, she broke it.
As teachers we do often judge parent involvement in this way. “This parent is too hands-on and should just let me do my job.” Or “This parent does not know what is going on with his/her child!” Rarely do we think of the ones that are “just right”.
As I am writing this I am looking at a picture of this year’s seniors (all of which I taught at 6th grade level). I remember all of the parents of these students. The particular picture that I am focusing on is a picture of the Academic Honors students. To get Academic honors at our school, seniors must have a 3.75 or higher GPA. In this class of 78 seniors, 22 students achieved that GPA. That is an impressive percentage. Those parents must be “just right”.
So what makes a “just right” parent? A few years ago, when my son started high school soccer, I watched a video called “Giving into the Game”. The message was to cheer for your child, support your child, love your child, but when they are playing the sport, turn them over to the game and coaches. Let the coaches be coaches.
I think that is the words of wisdom for the teacher/parent relationship. Let the teachers teach and let parents parent. Develop a working relationship of allowing the child/student to be those 2 different roles.
Going back to the picture of seniors, I’m hoping those parents are considered “just right”, involved, supporting, and caring but not overbearing and pushy.
Because I am one of them. I am a parent first, a teacher second.

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