5 Great Resources for Implementing the Common Core

5 Great Resources for implementing the Common Core
As I have had the opportunity to work with state and national organizations for the past 2 years to roll out the Common Core, I would like to share my top 10 web sites resources for teachers to make the switch. With summer break coming up for many of us, this is a good time to start becoming familiar with the new standards and to start planning how you plan to revise your curriculum. I would love to hear of more good sites in the comments below.

1. Common Core State Standards Initiative http://www.corestandards.org/
This is the primary source of it all. If you read through all of this, you would become your district’s expert. Lots of information here. I would suggest to thoroughly read and understand your grade level/subject area(s). Read about the history and the logic of career and college readiness.
2. Common Core Standards App http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/common-core-standards/id439424555?mt=8
Here is the app for the Common Core. This particular link is for the iPhone and the iPad but this same company makes an app for Android too. At your fingertips you will have all of the Math and Language Arts Standards. Wipe out your phone and impress your teaching colleagues with your vast knowledge of the CCSS.

3. Department of Education, Indiana. Text Complexity http://media.doe.in.gov/WebEx/assessment/2012-01-24-TextComplexity/index.html
The good people in Indiana distributed this presentation to explain text complexity as it applies to the Common Core. Not only is this important to the ELA folks but also to the literacy of other content areas.
4. The Teaching Channel https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos?categories=topics_common-core
One of the original YouTube versions for teachers has gathered this collection of lessons based on the Common Core. All content areas are addressed in this collection. Watch for some great ideas or supplemental for your current lessons.

5. The Ohio Department of Education http://www.ode.state.oh.us/GD/Templates/Pages/ODE/ODEDetail.aspx?page=3&TopicRelationID=1699&ContentID=86942&Content=124812
This is a document I personally worked on at different levels. We took the standards for ELA and wrote Content Elaborations (more in-depth explanations of the standards), Enduring Understanding (what to say to that student who asks, “Why do I need to know this.”) and Model Curriculum (educational strategies for teaching the Common Core). It’s a big collection. My suggestion is to focus on your grade level.

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One thought on “5 Great Resources for Implementing the Common Core

  1. Thanks for the resources. We have a free Common Core E/LA Toolkit at http:www.learningunlimitedllc.com which includes: Common Core “Cheat Sheet”, Common Core Resource List (40+), Top 10 Common Core ELA Implications, & Common Core Visual Overview

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