Using Available Resources

When parent involvement is the topic of conversation, I often think about my childhood.  My mother was always very involved in helping me study and complete my homework.  I fondly remember her helping me to get comfortable reading aloud.  I also remember how she helped me study Spanish words by using flash cards.  My mother did not have a college degree.  She had never learned a foreign language or taken half of the classes I was taking, but she was always there to help me.  

Looking back, she didn’t have any of the resources that are available to parents today.  The Internet, YouTube, and Kahn Academy did not exist.  As a math teacher, parents often tell me how they had never taken a certain math class or how they were not good at math.  I don’t think it is a matter of knowing the subject anymore.  I think it is about the effort you take to search for and use available resources.  Maybe parents are naive to what is available on the Internet.  It seems hard to believe considering how many people are on Facebook and Twitter.  Most parents are not strangers to technology at the point.  But let’s say parents don’t know what is out there, how do we inform them about the resources online? More importantly, how do we get parents to use those resources to help their children?


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