Parents Helping Children: A Manual

In researching this month’s topic of parental involvement, I came across this terrific manual from the School Study Council of Ohio.

This manual for parents was put together over the course of four years with input from parents for parents. While its specific purpose is to assist parents of children in special education programs, it offers much sound advice for parents and teachers of all children.

There are tips for helping your child succeed in school and with homework. The homework strategies and tips are especially useful.

There are checklists and surveys for dealing with your child’s behavior. Punishment as well as praise and encouragement are addressed.

There are suggestions for improving behavior, role-playing scenarios, summer camp resources, etc.

The sections on understanding low motivation and low frustration tolerance are terrific resources. Sometimes as teachers and parents we don’t understand why our children aren’t more motivated to do well in school. Well, these two sections offer some great tips and strategies for working with our students.

There is even a nice resource list at the end that you can look into for further information.

I highly recommend all teacher and parents take a look at this well-put together resource.

Here’s the link to the PDF of the book: A Manual for Parents 


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