Teacher evaluations: student input

I remember back in college that at the end of the semester, the students were given an evaluation to complete on the course and the teacher. The evaluations were completed anonymously and collected by a student who submitted them to the dean’s office to review with the professor after final grades were submitted. I always took my time with these evaluations and gave my honest feedback. Fortunately, I enjoyed my classes and my professors were excellent, so I often had good things to report. However, there were times when the class and/or the professor were not up to par and that information was noted in the evaluation. I know the university took these evaluations seriously and I appreciated the fact that we were asked for our feedback. 

I am wondering if some similar process should happen within our K-12 schools? I always give my students an informal, anonymous survey at the end of the year, so I can gauge what went well and what I need to improve upon for the following school year. Obviously, as college students we are adults and can treat the evaluation process with the maturity it requires. Can we expect the same of our K-12 students? I think we can. Certainly a student evaluation should not be the end all, be all of a teacher evaluation. But I believe it can offer some valuable insight for both teachers and administrators.

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One thought on “Teacher evaluations: student input

  1. I remember those professor evals and like you, most of the time I had wonderful classes/professors. I am concerned about the maturity issue in giving K-12 students similar evaluations of teachers, How could a Kindergarten or 1st grade student articulate how they truly feel about their teacher when their written communicative skills are still developing?

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